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System Enhancements

System Enhancements That We Only Have

Posted on 07 Feb 2019 in Business by QuickHR with 0 Comments

It is always great to offer technological innovations ahead of the rest. When others are still conceptualizing, we are already in deployment. End of the day, it is not entirely for company pride – it is about providing the best and innovative product for our customers.

As we are forward-thinkers, QuickHR prides itself for having the most cutting-edge HR solutions enhancements for our customers to take advantage of. These enhancements offer systematic, specific, and customized functions to make HR’s tasks more streamlined and simplified.

Here are some of the incredible Module Enhancements

Recruitment Module

  • The system automatically generates Job Posting.
  • Simply fill out the job descriptions/requirements needed and the system produces a link which can be posted anywhere. All applications immediately go to the system.
  • Users are able to Choose/Filter of any given desired Status for easy reference.
  • Once an employee is onboard, all details entered are automatically populated in the Employee module to eradicate repetitive inputting.


  • Ability to create different Rosters with selected department/employees.
  • Overtime Settings are automatically computed according to:
    • Inputted Rates per succeeding hour/s according to company standards/rules.
    • Public Holidays and Rest Days with rates set as Total or specific OT Hours (where working hours rate and OT hours are entered).
    • Set Buffer Time either specific Per Minute or by Half an Hour/On Hour blocks.


Claims facilitated or originating from different countries with different currency are automatically converted through Live MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) Exchange Rates.

Employee Module

  • Have full customization to input different hours per day and working days per week.
  • Leave Policies are automatically detected by the system once certain parameters are filled out (eg. # of Childcare Leave, Maternity Leave for Singaporean and non-Singaporean employee etc.).
  • Ability to set the following:
    • Working hours per day
    • Working hours per week
    • Number of working hours per week and its detailed breakdown

All these Enhancements are just the tip of the iceberg. QuickHR’s unyielding and dedicated professional's creative minds are on endless pursuit to bring even more innovations – innovations that others may not have even thought of.

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