Redefining Leave Management with Simplicity

Watch this tutorial and learn how easily leave application can be done. In-built with an approval process, QuickHR eLeave module introduces a multi-level approval system where managers and supervisors get to decide the approval chain. Check employees leave application status and approve/decline it on the go.

A User-Friendly Leave Management System That Speaks to Your Company Policy

Here at QuickHR, online leave management system is made simpler with a few mouse clicks. Implementing an efficient employee leave management system would not only allow your employees to apply leave with ease but also help managers or supervisors save time on administrative work.

Leave Reports

Enjoy a complete annual or monthly review of your employees leave status

Leave Requests

Get notified of employees leave requests and process them instantly

Multilevel Workflow Approval

Enjoy an organized workplace with a workflow that speaks to your company’s policies with our leave management software

Manage Holidays

All employees are entitled to all public holidays in Singapore. Additional days unique to the company can also be added

Easy Payroll Integration

Forget manual calculations. Deductions in payroll are processed automatically

Employee Satisfaction

A simple and easy-to-use solution that can empower employees and boost the overall employee experience with eleave singapore

Leave Report

Data has never been more important today. With QuickHR eLeave report, you can now generate leave report for employees and view them in analytical graphs or download the data and view them in spreadsheets. Select the type of leave report you need and QuickHR will generate it for you.