A Quicker Solution For Claims Management

Watch this tutorial to find out how claims submission can be done easily with QuickHR eClaims. Simply login to QuickHR, key in claims type, amount and upload supporting documents where it will then go over to the approving manager(s) for approval. This workflow is fully customizable by employers and can go up to three levels of approvals.

Choose From A List of CPF or Non-CPF Payable Claims

Claims can be a headache if not managed well. Unsure if your claims are CPF payable? Simply file your claims and let QuickHR do the job for you.

Claim Requests

Submit claims anytime, anywhere. Simply login to the QuickHR portal, upload supporting documents and file your claims

Easy Payroll Integration

Credit your employees claims into their payroll instantly with zero errors

Claim Approvals

Up to three level approval system for better claims management

Multilevel Approver Workflow

Simplify your claims management with a workflow that speaks to your company policies. Assign claims your employees are entitled to from a list of CPF payable or non-CPF payable claims.