Automated Timesheets and Rosters

Watch this tutorial and learn how to create etimesheet payroll and rosters for employees. Customize rosters for each employee or department or the whole company at once. Manage overtime settings, include buffer time and overtime pay.

Universal Biometric Reader

Forget about manual timesheets. With QuickHR Timesheet Payroll open API technology, businesses can now enjoy a system that can sync with any biometric device in the world. Be it your conventional biometric device, face recognition or turnstile, let our Timesheet Management System read all that data for you.

Track Overtime Hours Like Never Before

Create rosters for your employees and keep track of their timesheets all in one place. Be it overtime hours, overtime pay or any late fine deductions, let the system calculate it for you. Compatible with any biometric devices in the world and captures data in real-time!

Update Attendance Instantly

Extract attendance from any biometric device in the world and upload the data to track attendance instantly

Attendance Management

Attendance is collated into a timesheet payroll where it can be reviewed by both employers before generating payroll

Roster Customization

Customize a roster that helps your company operate most efficiently

Real-time Data

Real-time location and time is collected and sent straight to managers and supervisors with Google API location technology

Easy Payroll Integration

Enjoy eTimesheets that integrates with your payroll seamlessly

Mobile App

Allow employees the luxury of clocking in and out from their mobile phone with a few taps. Available for both iOS and Android devices

Clock-In On The Go!

Forget physical timesheets or spreadsheets. Go digital with QuickHR eTimesheet and clock-in or clock out anytime, anywhere. Now available on both Google Playstore or Apple App Store. Get it now!