Master the Art of Employee Management

Employees are the biggest asset in any company and each of them plays an important role. In this tutorial, watch how easily departments and special groups can be created to manage the company’s manpower. With QuickHR, companies can now lock down their employees Key Employment Terms (KET), bank details, allowances/deductions, career progression and more.

An All-in-One Platform To Store Important Employee’s Information

With QuickHR, you can now access your employee’s information anytime, anywhere.

Store important information such as:

  • Key Employment Terms (KET)
  • Personal particulars
  • Educational certificates
  • Lock down allowances/deductions
  • Career progression

Smart Search

Retrieve important information faster and easier like never before

Company Directory

Access all the departments and special project groups in your company at once

Quick Actions

A user-friendly database that can help you get work done with a few mouse clicks

Data Filters

Get information you need in seconds. Simply check the fields you require and export the data instantly

Compliant & Secure

Enjoy a secure system equipped with SSL and multilevel encryption technology that only authorized personnel can access

Historical Data

Get 24/7 access to years of information across all devices

Import/Export Data in Bulk

Here at QuickHR, all inputted data are yours. Besides being on all operating systems and internet browsers, our secure cloud infrastructure ensures that you can retrieve them anytime, anywhere. Our ‘Import/Export Data in Bulk’ function gives you the luxury of downloading ALL (or required) employees data in seconds.