IR8A Simplified | Quickhr


QuickHR is an IRAS-approved HR payroll software that can help you solve all of your IR8A concerns. Simply export your employees' information as a txt file through our portal and upload it onto the IRAS portal to submit your employees IR8A form. Quick and easy!

Be it KEY, IR8A, Appendix8A, CPF or GIRO, QuickHR can automate all forms for you. Visit our site now to find out more information!

Are you often caught up in too many administrative work and feel like you need a breather? Forget manual data entry. With QuickHR you can now automate these processes and focus on what matters- building a strong core team to support your business.

Employers are required to declare their employees' income and this form is one of the required forms. With QuickHR you can forego the long, painful process and submit the forms with a few mouse clicks! Find out how now.

Simplify your employees' annual IR8A filing process by adopting a one-click process with QuickHR. Save time spent on filling up forms and help your department increase efficiency!

If you are looking for a reliable HR solution, check our QuickHR. Our IRAS-approved solution is here to give you the boost your HR department needs. From generating multilingual payslips to submitting your employees IR8A forms, QuickHR is capable of it all. Check us out now!