Integrated Learning Hub

QuickHR’s E-Learning’s holistic Learning Management System (LMS) is outfitted with both internal and external eLearning courses, detailed with features such as; course duration, intelligent automated enrolment, course catalogue, the creation of internal assessments (eQuiz) or post external course assessments, a course and training calendar, leader-boards and gamification.

Seems like a lot? Not really once you realise the whole system works as an all-inclusive learning hub, with built-in analytics to both highlight high-performing individuals, and alert HR to various areas of concern, thereby creating an ever-learning workforce.

Our Features

All-Inclusive Learning Hub

Results from organisational departments can be thoroughly analysed via built-in analytics.

Individual and Departmental Assessments

Courses can be catered to the needs of individual employees or to the needs of each department.


Learning materials are customisable with various forms of multimedia for a more engaging experience

Extensive Course Providers

Courses for learning purposes can be selected from both internal and external course providers

AI Assisted Decision Making

Results from courses are filtered via AI to inform upper management of the necessity of further training.

System Integration

Results can be integrated into other features of our system such as our Employee Database for purposes such as career progression or employee promotion.

Easy flow of Data with Integration

Save time and reduce errors with QuickHR’s integration with popular accounting software. Automatically send data from QuickHR to your favourite accounting software for easy fit into your workflow.

In-Depth E-Learning

For thorough learning, customise your training courses with various multimedia, or select a course from our exhaustive marketplace off-course providers. Individualise or attune employee assessments with functions such as comprehensive questions, time-limits and other features to quiz their understanding about your products, company policies amongst others.

Not to fret. Time spent on administration is reduced as results are routed through business AI to notify upper management on the necessity of reassessment, thus making certain that the whole set-up is a breeze.

Think Now. Think Far. Think QuickHR.

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