All-Rounded Appraisal

QuickHR’s Performance Appraisal module allows for the creation and generation of multiple Appraisal formats, catering to self-assessments, 180°, 360° and any other configurations (confirmation, promotion, etc.). Customisable by HR, we allow for the asking of open ended, radio-button or checkbox questions, KPI, KRA, KMI performance matrix with percentage-weightage, goal-setting, training plans, learning & development plans and countersigning.

Our Features

Diverse Appraisal Formats

Appraisals formats can be catered to multiple configurations for various purposes such as self-assessments, promotion and 360° feedback amongst others.

Customisable Templates

Abundant performance matrices along with different types of questions can be implemented into the system.

Real Time Data

Data can be collected in real time to optimise day to day organisational needs.

Data Consolidation

Data collected can be gathered and contrasted with other system features to make decisions with regards to issues such as salary increments or employee promotion.


Customised templates can be modified as and when needed to cater to different organisational and manpower needs.

Management Empowerment

Information gathered assists management in tracking both organisational and personal employee goals.

Easy flow of Data with Integration

Save time and reduce errors with QuickHR’s integration with popular accounting software. Automatically send data from QuickHR to your favourite accounting software for easy fit into your workflow.

Digitised and Optimised

An all-rounded appraisal system. What more could be asked for? Real time analytics, that’s what!

Our system enables for easy review of data with concurrent talent analytics to empower your management in tracking both organisational and personal goals. Collected data can then be rendered into salary increments, bonus allocations, or opportunities for many forms of promotion. Straightforward and uncomplicated.

Think Now. Think Far. Think QuickHR.

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