Flexible Arrangements

Establishing schedules and shifts has never been easier! With QuickHR, even the most complicated of work periods will be made easy and never again will you lose track of your employee’s working hours.

Our Features

Adjustable setting of Work Days & Hours

Draft and create different sets of shifts as and when needed or required for the numerous types of workers that might be employed at your business.

In/Out Time

Enter the start and end times for your employees within a particular shift, while also selecting earliest clock-in and latest clock-out times if you so wish.

No Show Penalty

Apply no pay leave for employees who do not show up on a working day.

Late-In From

Decide upon a time in at which employees who clock in after this timing will be considered late.

Employee Filter

View those employee work schedules that you wish to by filtering them via employment type, department, designation, or identification.

Expanded View

You’ll have the option to view multiple records at a time via our "Expand" function.

Tailor Made

Such an effective system has never been seen before! Catering to all your work requirements, QuickHR’s “Scheduling and Shifts” is tailor made for each individual organisation to smoothen the flow of processes for your Human Resources.

Think Now. Think Far. Think QuickHR.

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