Innovative and User-Friendly

Enjoy the ease and accessibility of day-to-day organization with QuickHR’s mobile and tablet app. From its multi-functionality to its minimalistic interface, users will be able to maximize their HR processes with a few easy steps. Reap the benefits of greater convenience with easy access to employee data, leave and claim management, and attendance-tracking and scheduling.

Capitalising on advances in phone technology, QuickHR apps also boasts a state of the art Facial Recognition function that is intricately tuned to the rosters and timesheets organized by HR Teams for accurate and secure attendance taking.

Our Features

Individual Attendance

QuickHR’s mobile and tablet apps allow for employees to clock in and clock out regardless of their location.

System Integration

Our mobile apps can be intertwined with several other features of QuickHR so as to provide a comprehensive HRMS with many interconnected functions.

Real Time Data

Any data and information collected will be done so in real time allowing managers and supervisors a platform to easily track their employee’s whereabouts.

Group Attendance

All employees in a certain group can use the same device at their respective project locations for both clocking in and clocking out.

Supervisor Attendance-on-Behalf

Supervisors are able to clock in on behalf of their employees which can prove particular useful especially in situations where employees have no mobile devices of their own or have no access to WIFI or mobile data.

No Extra Costs

No additional hardware is required to run QuickHR’s apps as they are available and free for download on all iOS and Android devices.

Easy flow of Data with Integration

Save time and reduce errors with QuickHR’s integration with popular accounting software. Automatically send data from QuickHR to your favourite accounting software for easy fit into your workflow.

Simplicity Redefined

The features of QuickHR’s mobile and tablet apps is all encompassing with a multitude of easy to use functions which simplifies user experience for overseeing Human Resources more effectively.

Think Now. Think Far. Think QuickHR.

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