Recruit Only the Best

QuickHR’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) assists your HR department in the creation of jobs on both your company’s career page or on job sites, applicant status tracking, automated disbursement of necessary documentation and digital onboarding. Know why this is important? We’ll tell you!

Via our ATS, individual applicant profiles are scanned to automatically filter out the best candidates. This ensures that you get what you’re looking for in an applicant and helps your business to employ the right people for the right roles.

Our Features

AI Assistance

Modern AI technology is utilised for seamless decision making.

Instant Documentation

Upon selection, all relevant applicant details are downloaded and transferred to your company’s employee database.

Multiple-Platform Output

Jobs are listed on multiple job searching sites as well as on your company’s webpage.

Accurate Applicant to Role Match

Our ATS helps filter out the best candidates for the most relevant roles to ensure a good job fit.

Mobile Friendly

All recorded data is accessible on your mobile device.


All processes are digitised instantaneously for quicker results to be obtained.

Out with the Old, In with the New

That’s not all. QuickHR’s ATS utilises modern AI to compare and contrast applicant data, thus simplifying the process of viewing and juxtaposing candidate profiles. Essentially, this is a replacement of traditional recruitment processes via a centralised network to manage job applications for a quicker HRMS process.

Once an applicant is selected, all the necessary documentation is generated instantaneously and bio-data automatically transferred to the employee database.

Think Now. Think Far. Think QuickHR.

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