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QuickHR’s own proprietary Thermal Biometric Device has both facial recognition and fingerprint-scanning functions for scanning and verification of your employees. Along with temperature scanning to adhere to COVID-19 safety measures for visitors and employees, it also allows workplace clock-in and out via NFC/ RFID (card or sticker) and Photo Verification. Door-Access functionality can also be included as needed.

The QuickHR Kiosk is another product that’s highly integrated and functional. With a high accuracy, employees can benefit from contactless clocking-in and out. Supported by our high tech in house-developed algorithms, scanning will only take mere seconds for thorough facial recognition.

Our Features

Multiple Verification Methods

Our systems include multiple features allowing various methods of secured verification.

Optional Add-Ons

Additional security features can be added on as needed to cater to your needs.

Stable and Secured Access

Our system can be fitted at any location with a stable data connection

System Integration

When used in conjunction with QuickHR’s Timesheet and Attendance module, management will be notified of their employees’ on time statuses regardless of their work location.

Smart Analytics

Unlock the potential of data collected to better manage your rosters, scheduling and workforce.

Cohesive System Management

Operating on our in-house developed software, data and information can be easily transferred and accessed across all systems, regardless of location.

Analytics Driven

With QuickHR’s Thermal Biometric Device, unlock the potential of your data with analytics. Unlike other similar devices, our system is able provide you with the data you need. Our device is able to track the number of visitors at any one time, and take note of what time they visit, to enable you to better schedule and roster your employees. Backed by hard data, we help you ensure that your business outlets will not be over or under staffed. Integrated with our cloud-based system, employee information can be easily transferred and accessed across multiple devices multiple locations, reducing the need for re-entry of employee data.

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