Chatbots - The Future of HR Tech
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Chatbots – The Future of HR Tech

Posted on 19 April 2021 in Business | Gabriel Chua

In with the New

The digitalisation of work in the modern era has without much question, left many of us in awe. What seemed impossible just a decade or two ago is now commonplace about the world, even for traditionally laborious processes such as Human Resources (HR). Indeed, various aspects of HR used to require different forms of physical interaction in order for tasks to be accomplished. However, this is no longer the case and it is due in large part to the incorporation of technology-changing chatbots.

These tiny little automatic features actually have a large penetration rate, with 25% of high-performing HR Corporations already using them. But whatever is the reason for chatbots to be gaining such traction in recent years?

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT), a network characterised by physical objects being enabled to transfer data and information through the internet, has been dominating this current day and age. With the IoT, everything is seamlessly interconnected. From trash bins that provide Wi-Fi services to robots manning front desk reception, businesses across all industries have leveraged upon the newest trends and technologies to digitalise and digitise their services for smoother operations.Although it represents an initial cost for companies, adopting the newest technologies will reduce the need for other resources spent on mundane tasks such as time and manpower, thereby allowing companies to channel them towards areas that require greater attention. Such a process is indeed exemplified

with the IoT, where chatbots can instantaneously retrieve and transfer information from device to device, regardless of location. This is largely why companies have decided to abandon the old and get in with the new, to leverage upon the various savings available to keep up the pace with an ever-changing world.

Chatbots in the Realm of HR

What significant part, if any, can chatbots play in the functioning of HR?

It is common for many to under estimate the impact of these tiny chatbots. After all, it’s called HUMAN Resources for a reason, not BOT Resources. But that is where they would be wrong. Modern chatbot technologies provide analytical capabilities to assist humans in dealing with various organisational issues, thereby enabling us to go over and beyond ourselves, hitting heights that were never reached before. HR is no exception.

Here is an example. Audi Hungaria Zrt , found themselves in a pickle when they realised that it was difficult for employees to access to HR related information, like various documents and company policies, without traveling long distances. As their employees were spread out across various offices in different regions, this was not only inconvenient but represented a significant waste in various resources.

To combat this issue, Audi’s management, employed the help of Chatboss, who then introduced their HR chatbot, Chatelka.Chatboss and Chatelka became embedded in all Audi’s HR processes to ensure necessary information was swiftly provided in a transparent manner. Chatelka was also conceptualised such that it conveyed a likeable a trustworthy personality, an image that the company was trying to portray. As such, employees were able to have interactive, seamless and instantaneous conversations with the chatbot regardless of the time of day, getting answers to their queries in double- time. Chatelka acted as an instant source of information for the employees of Audi Hungaria Zrt, alleviating unnecessary burdens in their daily administrative and labour matters, while additionally reducing the workload of the company’s HR department, thereby allowing them to focus on more business essentialities.

It is no wonder that even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Audi Hungaria ended the year 2020 with relatively strong financial results, experiencing a turnover of €7.518 billion, while also remaining the most attractive employer in Hungary. Unquestionably, with the help of chatbots, businesses are assisted in navigating through periods of flux with increased success, thereby allowing them to remain firm amidst uncertainties.

From Bane to Benefit

Chatbots were once seen as a nuisance, popping out at the bottom of screens at the most unsuspecting of times. More often than not, it served as a large hindrance to both UI and UX. This was a large reason why chatbots were initially frowned upon and chatbots were often utilised only to attract attention from website visitors, with little actionable benefit.

However, when utilised constructively, it entails many benefits that could help to smoothen organisational processes. Evidently, as seen from the example of Audi Hungaria Zrt, along with the fact that chatbots already powering 85% of customer service, such technologies will continue to be leveraged and improved upon for the foreseeable future.

The Future of HR

With the world continuing to automate, chatbots, without question, are the future of the HR industry. Bringing along many associated benefits, chatbots serve one main purpose. To help streamline the workflow of organisations through automation. Though there may be some reluctancy to adopt such technologies, businesses have to move away from such a mindset and realise the potential of technology to give their organisation a boost, in order to not get left behind in an ever-evolving world.

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