The Advantages of a Scheduling System

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Working Hard by Going Soft

The Advantages of a Scheduling System

Posted on 12 January 2021 in Business | Gabriel Chua

Scheduling in the Business World Today

For the past few decades, the traditional work routine has continued to be eroded by the various trends and factors that affect the business world in one way or another. For instance, COVID-19 and the rise of the Gig Economy have brought about certain changes to long-established work arrangements, such as freelance work and working from home

(WFH). Such a disruption would undeniably cause havoc for companies due to the need of catering to specific needs and preferences of individuals, thereby making it difficult for companies to effectively roster their workers. Despite this, certain companies have Human Resources (HR) departments that have managed to structure an effective Scheduling & Shifts process that has helped them navigate through these rough waters. Let us take a look at these companies and how they have benefitted from such a system.

The Benefits

Benefit #1 – Professional and Personal Fulfilment

Having a scheduling system that is highly configurable has many carry-on effects that could benefit a company’s workforce.

Company 1 Dell

Background: A multinational conglomerate, Dell has been a frontrunner in many markets pertaining to technological products and services. With many employees from different backgrounds, the company recognised the importance to be flexible in catering to needs and preferences when it came to work arrangements. To address this, Dell established a scheduling system, now known as the Connected Workplace Program, which allowed their workers to work remotely all or some of the time which helped reduce the reliance on the traditional 9 to 5, encouraging productivity in or out of office

Advantage: The Connected Workplace Program not only helped Dell employees to accomplish professional tasks, but granted them the flexibility to cater time to their personal and family life. Undoubtedly, this led to improved employee motivation, helping the company to cement its place as the world’s PC vendor with the third highest market share.

Benefit #2 – Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

An employee-centric approach to scheduling can help build and maintain customer rapport for sustained business relationships.

Company 2 GoBear

Background: A leading financial and data platform, GoBear has gone from strength to strength since its inception. Ever-learning, the company adopted new ways of attending to their business tasks when the COVID-19 pandemic started, where new work arrangements were set in place to allow employees to collaborate digitally and remotely. Furthermore, to enhance these work settings even further, managers would even call in to check up on teams and individual employees to identify which areas required more assistance to have the whole unit cohesively function.

Advantage: Such a procedure to scheduling has many advantages. In maintaining constant contact, an inter-personal relationship is established between managers and employees which is further supplemented by adaptable work arrangements. GoBear workers are thus granted a degree of freedom with regards to their work rosters. Motivated by this care and concern, workers strive to

replicate this care and concern shown towards them, resulting in a greater dedication towards customer service, boosting customer satisfaction and retention levels. It is unquestionable then, that such a process has elevated the company to new and greater heights, with GoBear being ranked within LinkedIn’s list of Top 10 start-ups of 2020 in Singapore.

Benefit #3 – A Well-Rounded Workforce

An integrated scheduling system can help improve the overall work-life balance of a team for enhanced workplace productivity.

Company 3 Procter & Gamble

Background: One of the most popular Multinational Corporations (MNCs) worldwide, Procter & Gamble has successfully competed in the household goods market of many countries. With operations across the globe, there was a need for a standardised scheduling system that was in tune with the company’s goal, which is to “make life better for people all over the world”. As such, the company’s scheduling system is tied in with many other HR aspects, such as their company benefits, working options and leave application. By combining all these elements, employees were enabled to spend less time on tedious administrative tasks, streamlining the organisation’s workflow which allowed them to compete more efficiently in various product markets.

Advantage: Having their HR processes integrated with one another, Procter & Gamble has consequentially managed to remove unnecessary third party-systems and processes, thereby reducing time wasted and constructively granting employees more time to efficiently finish their

work within working hours. Thus, the company has effectively structured their workforce such that the work-life balance of employees is optimised. Doing this not only ensures that employee reap the rewards of living a healthy lifestyle, but also further strengthens the position of the company as employees are empowered to work more productively. Undeniably, having an integrated scheduling system has helped them to be the frontrunners in many product markets such as Beauty Care and Baby & Family care products.

Lessons to be Learnt

When utilising a scheduling system, it is of utmost importance that its design is capable of factoring in the multiple considerations that your company may have. This is so as to ensure that the HR department remains agile and mobile, capable to deal with any sudden changes in staffing and manpower needs. Thus, to boost the overall efficacy of your company, a scheduling system that’s highly configurable, employee-centric and integrated ought to be adopted.

If you’re looking for such a system, then look no further than QuickHR’s Scheduling and Shifts module! Capable of all the above-mentioned features, it is further supplemented by many customisable elements that will help make even the most complex of work arrangements simple and hassle-free.

Once again, we hope that you’ve enjoyed a good read. And remember, Think Now, Think Far, Think QuickHR.

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