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The Best System For All Your COVID-19 Concerns: QuickHR Thermal Biometric Device

Posted on 22 OCT 2020 at 09:46h in Business, Human Resources

COVID-19 Is Here to Stay

With fewer and fewer cases of COVID-19 being reported in Singapore, one might think that normality would return to Singapore. However, it is unlikely to be the case. While it is a good sign that there is a smaller amount of people being infected with the virus, one also has to consider the repercussions. Soon, more people will be out and about, more overseas travellers will return as restrictions ease, all these can contribute to the spreading of the virus.

The Solution: Tracking Made Easy!

I believe you’ll agree with me when I say that keeping safe amidst this period of uncertainty can be tough. However, there is an easy way around it. How? Let me tell you!

With QuickHR’s Thermal Biometric Device , you’ll be able to go about your business while taking care of safety measures simultaneously. Killing two birds with one stone! With the device installed, automate temperature scanning of visitors and employees at the workplace. Any individual whose temperature is too high will be recognised by the device so that you can take the appropriate measures. Additionally, the device can be embedded with Safe-Entry QR Codes so that COVID-19 safety measures can be adhered to!

Optimise Your Workflow

But that is not all that the device can accomplish. When it comes to monitoring your employees, it can do so much more! Capable of multiple modes of verification such as Facial Recognition (including with mask detection) and RFID Card Reading, you can track Clock-In and Clock-Out timings to best customise your business processes! Additionally, the device can be fully integrated with QuickHR’s own payroll system. In doing so, with the device’s built in analytics, information gathered can be extracted for other uses. For instance, if an employee is consistently early, on-time bonuses can be added to their payroll. Likewise, if an employee is consistently late, salary deductions can be made instead.

And if that’s not enough, having a cloud-based storage enables employee information to be traced across all outlets, thus reducing repetition. What further differentiates the QuickHR Thermal Biometric Device from other similar hardware is that it comes with analytics. The device is capable of tracking the number of visitors at any given time, as well as monitor the time at which they visit. This serves to smoothen scheduling and rostering purposes, ensuring that your place of operations is neither over nor under staffed.

Thermal Recognition: The Way To Go

When COVID-19 arrived in Singapore at the end of January, there was a huge demand for Thermal Recognition devices. Fast-forward 9 months later, the Singapore Government has issued a $20 million fund to subsidise the costs of Thermal Recognition systems and other smart devices. Even as we go about our daily lives, it seems that in the new normal post COVID-19 world, Thermal Recognition Devices are here to stay. All the more reason why you should consider the QuickHR Thermal Biometric Device. Backed by our own internally developed algorithms, a high accuracy of measurement can be ensured so that you can focus on what matters most to you, your business and your employees.

I hope you’ve found this blog informative and had a good read. If you’re looking for more useful tips, remember Think Now, Think Far, Think QuickHR.

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