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Human Resources And Cloud-Based HR Technology

Human Resources And Cloud-Based HR Technology: Formidable Forces To Bring Forth Groundbreaking Work Developments

Posted on 14 Nov 2018 in Business by QuickHR with 0 Comments

Should HR be scared of technology? Will technology eventually replace HR practitioners? These are all valid questions. Today’s technology is capable of performing human tasks. The near future may see robots replacing humans altogether.

Well, probably in the movies but never in real life. As technology seems to intimidate every human’s existence, it shouldn’t be treated as the bringer of doom. In fact, it is an important component in everyone’s lives – to make work easier; more thorough and organized; and factual.

No matter the advancement and sophistication, technology can’t replace the human touch required to perform certain jobs. Human Resources, for one, is a department which can entirely benefit from it.

Human Resources and Technology

HR department is constantly barraged with so many things to do in so little time. HR practitioners are often times eyeballs-deep with administrative tasks which translate to underutilization of work time. Documents, files, folders, and much more are just some of the unwelcome sights in every HR department’s area.

This should not be the case. Technology should take a hand in getting rid of these space-wasters. Technology also serves as a partner, an ally, to streamline the entire HR process without ever threatening to replace any human life form in the workforce. Ever heard of cloud-based HR technology?

Human Resources and Technology are two formidable forces that when both forces join, the entire global workforce is up for some groundbreaking and work-altering developments. Many companies have already incorporated technology in their HR process. However, there are still some firms that hold back.

Cloud-based HR technology is the key

Such cloud-based HR technology minimizes the need for too much paperwork. All necessary and important HR information is stored in the cloud. Every minute detail is accessible anytime, anywhere. Each employee is given the independence to manage their own work-related activity such as leave and claims application; checking of payroll details; viewing of pay slips; and much more.

As independence is practiced (with much accuracy and time-saving technology), the HR department is given the ability to reclaim lost productive time. Since the mundane and pedestrian administrative tasks are reduced, if not, completely eradicated, HR has the time to develop and innovate.

HR department’s credibility automatically skyrockets, thanks to the cloud-based HR technology. As it is considered a functional and productive (even profitable) business entity, the department can now focus on employee development through training and upskill modules; implementation of better and reliable hiring process; organize payroll details to name a few. HR department becomes one with the company’s core.

In fact, according to SAP SuccessFactors’ Kirsten Allegri-Williams interview with Forbes, HR is no longer considered “back-office.” Through the cloud-based technology, HR goes front and center by working to ensure the entire workforce is aligned, motivated and engaged to deliver the company’s purpose. In addition, SumTotal’s Vice President Liam Butler said that choosing to hold HR data in the cloud with reputable HR cloud vendor means that the application is always up-to-date with local legislation and requirements.

It is pretty obvious that with the adaptation of cloud-based HR technology, no humans were replaced in the process. No employee's tenure was threatened, nor trashed. No robots attended important town hall meetings. In short, there's no need to be alarmed. Technology uplifts human capabilities and does not disintegrate it.

Reputable cloud HR cloud vendor

It is important to partner with a reputable vendor to incorporate technology in the system and experience its full potential. With many vendors/providers around, choosing the right cloud-based HR technology provider seems challenging. However, it is vital to take note of the company’s years in the industry; sectors served and covered; a wide array of functionalities offered; and competitive pricing.

QuickHR has provided the best cloud-based HR technology since 2013. QuickHR boasts of satisfied clients across various industries namely Business Services, F&B, Logistics, Retail and many more with strict adherence to Stability, Service, and Security.

QuickHR is proud of its HR solutions because of state-of-the-art technology used. The technology enables all users to access and manage all their employment details and activities with ease and efficiency. It also exceeds the strict and stringent MOM requirements on pay slips, KET, IRAS and CPF with automatic calculation.

QuickHR’s aim is to help companies Automate HR Operations, Increase Human Asset Management and Development, Improve Competitiveness and Transform HR into a Lean and Profit Generating Department. The cloud-based HR technology makes all of these possible.

To further showcase what we can do, we are happy to provide you with a NO OBLIGATION DEMO and/or FREE 7-DAY TRIAL ACCOUNT. This is to let you know that we certainly can “walk the walk and talk the talk.”