3 Easy Ways to Improve Employee Motivation

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3 Easy Ways to Improve Employee Motivation

3 Easy Ways to Improve Employee Motivation

Posted on 26 November 2020 in Business | Gabriel Chua

The Danger of Employee Burnout

What is employee burnout? It is a syndrome classified as an 'occupational phenomenon' by the World Health Organisation (WHO), [1] resulting from 'chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.

Employee burnout can have significant consequences, causing a fall in productivity in your employees and even a higher turnover rate in the long run. In a 2019 study on workplace inclusivity 44% of Singaporean [2] respondents indicating that they suffer from some form of burnout, 5% higher than the global average.

Productive employees are the key to a great business, therefore as an employer, you should not overlook your employee's health and motivation. Employee motivation has many proven beneficial effects, [3] such as improved retention rates and higher levels of customer satisfaction. This proves that improving employee motivation is key to ensuring a win-win situation.

The First Responders

How though, should organisations go about reducing the threat of employee burnout? Being the party traditionally responsible for ensuring that the rights and well-being of employees are taken care of, it is essential to know that the Human Resource department should be the "first-responders" to any employees suffering from any physical and/or mental fatigue. As such, exercising proper discernment is needed to ascertain what can empower employees to go above and beyond.

Three Easy Steps to Begin

No matter how difficult the task at hand may be, it all begins with a first step. To take action now, check out these three essential tips below!

employee motivation helpful tips

Tip 1 –Better Understand Your Employees with Surveys

Like a teacher not knowing much about new students, the HR department may be unaware about the issues that matter to employees. Send out surveys and find out what employees are thinking and act upon the findings to negate any ill-feelings to improve workplace satisfaction!

Tip 2 – Offer Flexible Working Hours

Push for flexible working hours. Flexible working arrangements have many benefits [4] such as improved well-being and staff retention. Though sometimes not a popular choice to top management, HR could still advocate such policies by demonstrating their clear benefits. This would serve to develop a holistic workplace which caters to a range of employee preferences.

Tip 3 – Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

Encourage employees to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. This could perhaps be done in the form of employee assistance programmes, yoga classes, providing healthy snacks, and so on. Incorporating these via a wellness programme can have many worthwhile effects [5] such as lower stress levels and increased productivity

The Bottom Line

Given the many benefits of motivated employees, why not champion and empower your employees? By empowering employees to continuously strive to improve, businesses will be able to grow from strength to strength, allowing them to remain strong in the face of adversity.

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