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Payroll Processing

QuickHR Solution to effectively reduce payroll processing costs

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THE ROLE OF HR: Full access on end-to-end payroll services and reduce payroll processing costs

Payroll is an important component of any HR function. It deals with employee benefits, payouts, tax filing and much more. With so much administrative tasks related to it, many companies (particularly SMEs and start-ups) prefer to outsource payroll management to third party providers.

Collaboration and partnership with a good payroll provider is beneficial. Payroll providers enable companies to have full access on end-to-end payroll services, hardcopy of pay slips, real time payroll report generation and much more. All these services ultimately equate to convenience – for immediate access to accurate reports, hassle-free payroll management and more productive use of time.

With convenience comes payroll processing costs. The costs vary depending on the extent of payroll management/involvement required. With many payroll providers available, they offer good rates. However, their price may still be considered too steep especially for small businesses and start-ups.

Payroll processing: Costs and service inclusions

What and how are payroll providers charging their clients?

Payroll providers charge depending on the following:

  • Total number of employees in the payroll
  • Frequency of employees’ payout
  • Tracking of hours rendered and corresponding rate
  • Distribution of pay slips
  • Computation of Overtime
  • Leave management system
  • In-depth and thorough monthly payroll reporting
  • Ad hoc required payroll services
Payroll processing

Payroll providers usually offer different packages for businesses to choose from. It can range from basic to extensive coverage.

Average payroll processing costs per employee for basic package is usually between SGD70 and SGD75 for minimum of 5 employees. Special additional services such as Leave Management and claims processing may cost around $3 each per head extra.

Reduction of payroll processing costs :

A possibility what can be done to significantly reduce processing cost?

Simply put, a cloud-based HR Solutions software takes the job of payroll providers. Every required information is stored online. The software provides easy access to accurate reports anytime, anywhere.

The software also provides an impressive and enhanced user interface. All users are treated with utmost comfort and convenience because of its design and layout. All functions are easy to find and functions easy to understand and use.

The cloud-based software significantly reduces payroll processing costs while providing a good user interface. The software ultimately becomes every company’s tool to achieve cost-efficiency through simple usability and excellent design.

QuickHR: Our cloud-based software reduces payroll processing costs with the best user interface

Partner with Singapore’s leading provider of cloud-based HR Solution

QuickHR is proud to be Singapore’s leading Cloud-based HR Solution. Even better, our company aims to provide our most technologically advanced solution in a user-friendly, cost-efficient and lightning-speed way.

Our cloud-based "QuickPayroll" can be done with just three clicks – Generate, Preview and Submit. It comes equipped with CPF calculator and auto SDL deductions. Everything is designed to make running payroll software hassle-free and easy.

All these functions are strategically laid out for easy navigation. This enables any user to easily explore all functions without taking too much time spent on learning. Even the most basic of users adjust easily and become expert users in no time.

Its vibrant web design also completes the entire user experience. The use of colors, animations, and text are geared encourages playfulness and positivity. All these factors subliminally make any user stay longer and explore more.

payroll processing costs

QuickHR offers packages ranging from Basic to Essential which is cost-effective and less expensive compared to payroll providers. Please call QuickHR at +65 69088158 or email at for more details.