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Cleaners Sector Workers Rewarded For Their Loyalty And Tenure Beginning 2020

Posted on 16 Nov 2018 in Business by QuickHR with 0 Comments

In connection with the Ministry of Manpower’s ongoing plan to further develop, empower and upskill the labor force, the good news is brought forth to cleaners’ attention. Cleaners are guaranteed to get at least two week’s pay as bonus beginning 2020.

According to Straits Times, cleaners in Singapore (citizens and permanent residents) are to receive an annual bonus which is equivalent to at least their two week’s worth of pay. It begins on 1st January 2020. The compulsory bonus and its complete details were released by the Tripartite Cluster for Cleaners recently. Workers who belong to the Cleaners sector will have about $36 additional wage to their current $1,200 monthly.

The TCC’s aim to promote longer tenure with the cleaners’ current firms. As part of the terms and conditions, cleaners who have only stayed for at least a year with their present company are eligible to receive the bonus. It is expected that around 40,000 cleaners by more than 1,300 cleaning companies/firms in the country qualified.

Tenure and Loyalty duly rewarded

This latest news encourages loyalty and progression. Promotion of employment longevity and tenure is necessary. It gives both the employer and employees the opportunity to partake in the company’s growth together. It makes workers understand that their loyalty is appreciated and in this case, rewarded.

Regardless of the type of job, the MOM’s desire to continuously provide career advancement to the workforce is considered inspired. Different upskill modules are in place to further hone skills necessary to take on bigger and better roles. It makes them prepared to handle challenging tasks which are an inevitable part of “climbing the ladder.”

Different set of requirements and criteria need to be strictly met. Each progression is duly noted and recorded for future appraisals and promotion. As workers are able to pass each level, they gain new insights and knowledge which significantly contribute to their overall improved self-esteem and confidence.

Embrace Technology to simplify HR processes and compliance

As for the Cleaners sector, tracking the number of years each employee has stayed with the company, alongside other details may be a challenging undertaking. However, it must be handled efficiently to determine the exact number of the worthy bonus recipients.

As the HR department is primarily tasked to take charge of such monitoring, a more organized and streamlined process must be in place. This way, all bonus recipients’ fulfillment of requirements is well-documented. Accurate computation is also provided to those who may need it.

With many governments directives underway, a sophisticated HR system should be adopted. It must make reports generation with data accuracy as its top priority. The HR department’s exposure to too much administrative work in compiling, documenting, collecting, collating and much are reduced. With such tasks reduce, the department has more time to implement, monitor and execute all government mandates with much efficacy.

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