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Timesheet Module

Timesheet Module

Posted on 12 Feb 2019 in Business by QuickHR with 0 Comments

Every employee must be accounted for. On top of that, they need to report to their designated job sites during assigned shifts. With so many employees to manage, shift sufficiency may be compromised.

Such a concern heavily impacts industries such as F&B and Security, to name a few. Every designation, movement, assignment, deliverable, training sessions, etc. have to be EFFICIENTLY tracked. With all these tasks, HR can only do so much, right?

Not anymore! QuickHR targets every little concern that agencies have regarding Timesheet/Roster Management. Simply put, WE HAVE THE SOLUTION FOR YOU.

Our comprehensive and state-of-the-art Timesheet module has features with PRODUCTIVITY and ACCURACY in mind. Even better, our recent module enhancements provide even better functions that ONLY we have.

Some of our Timesheet module noteworthy features include:

Graphica view of scheduling

Graphical view of scheduling operations to identify gaps in manpower.

customized settings

Creating specific Rosters with distinct and customized settings such as Break Time, Punctuality, Overtime, Roster Period.


Ability to view all Rosters for convenient double-checking of F&B employee's deployment to different shifts and locations.

Our recent INCREDIBLE enhancements include:

  • Flexibility for creation of different Rosters with selected department/employees
  • Accuracy for automatic OT Settings computation

All these Enhancements are just the tip of the iceberg. QuickHR’s unyielding and dedicated professionals’ creative minds are on endless pursuit to bring even more innovations – innovations that others may not have even thought of.

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