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QuickHR Modernised Artificial Intelligence On Applicant-Tracking-System

Posted on 11 Aug 2020 in Business by QuickHR with 0 Comments

Finding the right applicant for a role can be a frustrating experience for both the candidate and the hiring manager even in a booming economy. Nowadays with the world has been taken by a storm of the global invasion of Covid-19, the economies have shrunk which has had a ripple effect on the business and their core functioning.

While the leaders have taken a center stage to resuscitate the situation, Human Resource plays a vital role to aid this process with technological adaption while also pushing companies to adopt newer and more innovative approaches.

With ‘work from home’ becoming a new normal, hiring also has moved beyond geographical limits and recruiting the right talent has no physical or metaphorical boundaries like before. Technology has aided the practices to adopt modern recruitment solutions.

The problems simply don’t end there, however. Once the candidate and hiring manager have found one another, the HR team has completed the hire, then the dreaded phase of onboarding begins.

Ironically, the lack of feedback on where the candidate stands (if the resume was received) and a propensity for organizations to list roles as 'open until filled' overwhelms the hiring manager under a mountain of resumes, most of which will not be reviewed unless there is a keyword match for the role. And if they do somehow manage to see the resumes, studies indicate that in less than 10 seconds, they’ll have to move on to the next one.

The use of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) has seen a gradual increase in the near past. With the ability to assemble applicants in any desired order the system helps the recruiter to drastically reduce the time required in sourcing talent. ATS also helps in providing timely feedback to the candidates, so that they don’t keep speculating.

With QuickHR, our ATS assist HR in the creation of jobs, both on job sites and or embedded into your company’s career page. The system tracks applicant status from profile screening, phone screening, interview confirmation, and etc with automated disbursement of necessary documentation like the letter of offer, rejection letter, declaration forms and even digital onboarding.

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In a workplace that is becoming increasingly virtual, out of practicality or necessity, having the ability to put the ‘human’ back in Human Resources is a focus that can’t be ignored. From the perspective of establishing and expanding your team, it is important to ensure that potential employees have an application experience that respects their time and talent and feedback is provided along the way.

QuickHR replaces the traditional recruitment process via a centralised applicant tracking system to manage job applications. Our system utilises modernised Artificial Intelligence to collate and contrast information received from the applicant, making it easy to view and compare candidate profiles. Once the applicant is selected, offer letters are immediately generated and all bio-data is automatically transferred to the employee database.

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