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QuickHR: Cloud-based software is the best alternative to payroll outsourcing in singapore.

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For many years, different companies choose payroll outsourcing to Singapore third-party providers. SMEs particularly benefit from such service. With a limited workforce and tons of deliverables, payroll outsourcing to Singapore providers significantly reduces administrative work. As such, employees have more time to focus on more important deliverables.

Payroll processing in Singapore Cons

What are the disadvantages?

Payroll outsourcing comes with a hefty price tag. Since it involves plenty of payroll experts, their services need to be well-compensated. For the most part, the basic package (which is the cheapest) offers very limited services that companies obliged to choose the more expensive ones.

Though payroll experts, it is inevitable that human-error still occurs. Missed information, delays in pay slip distribution, unsatisfactory handling of payroll concerns are still common client complaints.

Payroll outsourcing alternative

What is a cheaper way to reduce costs for payroll outsourcing in Singapore while offering user-friendliness?

In general, payroll outsourcing is still a good option. However, for SMEs and other companies in search for a cheaper alternative - there’s good news.

A cloud-based HR software is available. The software replaces the need for Payroll outsourcing in Singapore. All important data are stored online, thus giving everyone an easy and convenient access.

The cloud-based software also offers outstanding user interface. All functions are user-friendly. Its overall design is easy to navigate and understand by both traditional and tech-inclined users.

Payroll is in its all-time accuracy. The system interprets all data which are generated in no time. Report generation is made less complicated. Important business data are easily made available through the software’s uncomplicated and interactive user interface.

QuickHR: The alternative to payroll outsourcing in Singapore

QuickHR’s expertise solves cost-reduction on payroll processing while enjoying the best user interface.

The cloud-based Quick Payroll function is equipped with a built-in CPF calculator and auto SDL deductions which make business payroll simpler and easier. The entire payroll process is reduced to just three very simple steps: Generate, Preview and Submit.

All of these functions are even made simpler because of a well-designed user interface. Finding important data or accessing the appropriate function are accomplished in no time – all while enjoying a fun and playful animations and vibrant hues.

SMEs and other companies in search for cheaper alternatives are pleased with QuickHR’s award-winning HR software. Its practical and cost-efficient packages coupled with excellent user interface/experience make it a good overall investment.

Easy, Accurate, Secure and Economical. That’s QuickHR.

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