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Performance Apprisal

A Highly Mobile HR Process That Needs To Always Keep Up With The Times

Posted on 12 Nov 2018 in Business by QuickHR with 0 Comments

Performance appraisal for any employee is inescapable, like puberty. The Performance Appraisal/Evaluation process is required for HR to gauge how well (or not) employees are performing.

Such appraisal process has been used decades ago when “baby boomers” were still fresh members of the workforce. With years in use and thousands of companies utilizing the process, it should be quintessential and excellent, right? Well, not anymore.

Times have evolved, so as how certain processes need to be implemented and executed. As for Performance Appraisal goes, its existence in the global workforce is no longer a guarantee for overall efficacy.

What’s wrong with today’s employee evaluation process?

Several factors contribute to the Performance Evaluation’s inadequacy. Over the years, employers, HR and employees have identified “gray-areas” which render the entire process unreliable.

Subjective vs. Objective evaluation

“When there’s smoke, there’s fire.” When employees say that the boss is playing the “favorite” card, there may be truth to it (consciously or not).

Regardless of the countless details that have to be either ticked “Yes” or “No,” or “Meet” vs. “Did Not Meet,” assessing managers may subconsciously give favorable ratings towards an employee who s/he clicks with or one who follows orders without asking.

Rushed Assessments

Most managers/supervisors have so much to do with so little time on a regular basis. Performance Appraisal period, unfortunately, adds to the stress.

To get it out of the way, leaders assess their team (usually with at least 10 members) the quickest way possible just to confirm with HR policies and go on with their usual work routine. As such, the real essence of the evaluation (to talk, mentor, discuss and encourage) is defeated.

Tasks Are More Complex Now

Employees are no longer solely evaluated according to the numbers they produce. They are subjected to other criteria such as attitude towards work, compliance, culture fit and much more. At present, contributed numbers aren’t always a guarantee to secure a spot in the company.

The challenging part is that there’s no exact formula to determine the soft-skills strength of every employee. Most of the time, the evaluation relies on guts and instincts of the assessing manager (which is not always 100 percent accurate). It then becomes a game of “Hit” or “Miss.”

What should be done?

Performance Evaluation shouldn’t remain stagnant. It shouldn’t remain the way it used to be from 30+ years ago. The entire global workforce has significantly evolved, taking pride in many accomplishments and innovations over the years.

The entire process of evaluation must be in sync with the unique demands of every company/industry at present times. It has to undergo an in-depth review process involving representatives from all sectors of the company for collaboration and collation of inputs. As to the frequency, only the Management can determine. However, if the Performance Evaluation Form has been unchanged for over a decade, then there’s a problem.

Employee check-ins and catch-up sessions have to be done regularly. It is useless to wait for the Performance Appraisal period which happens either annually or semi-annually. Managers and supervisors should take time to sit down with their subordinates to discuss performance and other work-related issues. Only then will the employee feel their value and worth to the company.

Make things easy

To eliminate manual performance evaluation/appraisal, many companies have switched to using a cloud-based software. The HR solutions software eliminates the need to manually fill out the forms. There’s no need to reproduce many copies (think: waste of company resource) and waste time writing each evaluation points.

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