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Communication: The Business Way Forward

Posted on 05 November 2020 in Business | Gabriel Chua

Communication at the Workplace

Singapore is known to be multi-cultural, with people of many different races and languages working together at one of Asia’s busiest work hubs. It is therefore essential that we be mindful of the way we communicate while at work. Even a simple handshake, in some cultures, may be frowned upon. As such, we should always be on the lookout for the different ways in which people make their intentions known, as not all communication may be verbal.

Many People, Few Options

With Singapore having such a diverse workforce, it is likely that communication can become complex. There are roughly 1.35million foreigners working in the country, with the UN reporting that a majority of these numbers hail from countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, China, India and Pakistan. Each of these nations have unique cultures and natives of these countries express themselves in vast numbers of ways.

If improperly managed, barriers to communication may result, and may cause tension in the work environment, leading to a fall in effectiveness and efficiency of workplace processes.

Embracing Differences, Strengthening Relations

It is, without question, imperative that we learn to respect the different ways of communication. Tolerant and accepting as Singapore may be, we should always uphold and improve our standards to maintain a high level of business ethics. This is so as to establish a professional work-culture where everybody can operate in tandem for the good of the business.

It would be a hard ask to find a one-size-fits-all solution. But there indeed exists a practice that could help mitigate such problems, or even rid them altogether. And that practice, would be to establish a culture of open communication.

What does this mean? Individuals at the workplace, not just leaders and Human Resources personnel, should support one another and encourage their colleagues to be expressive of their feelings and points of view. All too often, employees keep to themselves whenever they feel aggrieved, building up feelings of anger and resentment. But, by encouraging open communication, employees will be provided a platform for them to earnestly let their thoughts and opinions be known regarding matters present at the workplace.

A cohesive work environment, can thus be formed where everyone will have mutual understanding of one another’s expectations, and ultimately, lead everyone working towards a common goal. Especially when cross-functional teams with people of all different kinds of background are established to accomplish a mutual task. It is no wonder then, why open communication can indeed create a more congenial workplace.


With the permeating effects of globalisation, all businesses should embrace a culture of open communications to build an inclusive environment for people of all backgrounds. When this is done, not only will the workplace be a happier one, but a more productive one as well.

And what is the first step towards establishing a culture that embraces open communication? A good feedback system! Or better yet, a highly effective Performance Appraisal! With QuickHR, that is exactly what you will be getting. With multiple formats and system configurations allowing you to give prompt and proper assessments, QuickHR's Performance Appraisal is the ideal appraisal module for your everyday needs. So, try it out for yourself today!

With that, we have come to the end of this blog. Once more, we hope that you’ve enjoyed a good read. And remember, Think Now, Think Far, Think QuickHR.

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