Recent HR News and Updates for April 2022 | QuickHR HRMS

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HR News and Updates

Recent HR News and Updates for April 2022 | QuickHR HRMS

Posted on 28 April 2022 in Business | Anna Beatrice

Let’s take a look at Singapore’s top HR news, updates and insights for April.

Employees in Singapore Are in Search of Better Pay and Career Progression

In a recent report by NTUC LearningHub’s Emerging Jobs and Skills, more than seven in ten employees in Singapore are either actively looking or being open to job opportunities. The stated reasons for wanting to move jobs include the interest in seeking better pay and better career progression opportunities, exploring new roles/industry as well as the lack of growth in current jobs.

Employees are also worried about their own job stability in the era of digital transformation. To avoid consequences such as job displacements, irrelevancy, and instability, the majority of employees find upskilling necessary. Organisations are highly encouraged to offer skills training programmes to help employees improve their work performance.

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QuickHR Elevates HR Tech with Singpass Login

QuickHR is proud to announce the advancement of its HR tech with Singpass Login. Starting from April 2022, QuickHR clients can easily access the digital platform using their national digital identity, Singpass, allowing them to experience strengthened security as they manage their payroll, leave, claims, attendance, appraisals, and more.

QuickHR is one of Singapore’s first full-suite HR software providers to incorporate Singpass Login into the HRMS platform. The award-winning cloud HR solution provider is delighted to offer enhanced security features to clients, especially in the face of increasing cybersecurity threats.

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Pub Repays 6 Months’ Overtime Pay with Interest Owed Due to 'Technical Difficulties' with HR System

Due to technical issues with the HR system, a group of workers from the national water agency PUB have been owed overtime pay for as long as six months. The technical problem led to a delay in the implementation of a new shift work module in PUB's HR system. As such, the officers were unable to submit their overtime claims in the system for processing,

In order to prevent such a tough case from happening, it's important to choose a payroll provider who has a reliable support team to guide you through the system changes and updates.

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Singapore Lifts Vaccine Mandate for Workers

According to Multi-Ministry Taskforce (MTF), unvaccinated employees are now allowed to return to Singapore's workplaces starting April 26. Despite this, MOM said that employers are still permitted to implement their own vaccine policy in accordance with employment law.

Meanwhile, MOM still told employers to keep encouraging unvaccinated employees to get the vaccine shots and provide them paid time-off and additional paid sick leave should their staff decide to get vaccinated.

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Permanent Flexible Work Arrangements Called for in Singapore

As Singapore eases workplace restrictions, employers are strongly encouraged to continue offering FWAs (flexible work arrangements) to employees, and to promote FWAs as a permanent feature of the workplace,

The tripartite partners shared that FWAs help employees achieve better work-life balance and maintain a more engaged and productive workforce. Employers who offer FWAs will also benefit from talent attraction and retention.

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Amid Increasing Cyber Threats, Companies Are Worried about Employees Committing Security Mistakes

A recent report by The State of Email Security 2022 from Mimecast, revealed the current state of cybersecurity in Singapore, showing that about 84% of Singaporean companies are receiving an increasing number of email-based threats, which is said to be the largest globally.

For this reason, companies are worried about employees making serious security mistakes using personal email, collaboration tools, and cloud storage. It is strongly suggested to strengthen the cyber defences of organisations and create a safe digital environment to succeed.

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How New Hiring Managers Can Recruit Top Talent Amidst a Pandemic

In an article written on HRD, Coann Labitoria shared some tips for managers who are managing the hiring process for the first time. One of her tips includes creating an organised and well-planned schedules to minimise things being overlooked.

With an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), hiring managers can easily manage job postings, interview schedules, application status, and even offer letters on one platform. An all-inclusive ATS can also help HR to secure the best-suited candidates and keep a wider pool of talent for future hiring purposes.

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Singapore Launches New Campaign to Eliminate Workplace Discrimination

The Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP) established a campaign called "Workplace Discrimination" to strike out the social disparities employees are experiencing at work. These include evaluating a work performance based on their age, race, gender, family responsibilities or family.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of unconscious biases and provide assistance for employers to build a fair and inclusive workplace,

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