QuickHR Made Thanksgiving Special for The Underprivileged in Vietnam
Singapore's QuickHR Made Thanksgiving Special for Underprivileged Children in Vietnam


SINGAPORE, 26 NOVEMBER 2017 - Enable QuickHR ("QuickHR") announced today that it has donated USD$2500.00 to support Campaign Ho Chi Minh City ("the Campaign"), an initiative that provided scholarships for children in poverty and medical supplies for orphans with terminal illnesses.


QuickHR's donations supported the Campaign organized by volunteers from Helping Hands Around The World ("HHATW" or "the Volunteers"), Saigon Children's Charity ("SCC") and the Little Feather Foundation ("LFF"). The Campaign's segments are as follows:


  • The Volunteers' participation in the Ho Chi Minh International Marathon.
  • Sponsor scholarships for children in poverty which includes food, textbooks and uniform
  • Provision of medical supplies for orphans with terminal illnesses, many of whom were born with birth defects



"I believe education can help to create the path towards success and help people escape the poverty trap. Besides staying on the receiving end, we should also learn to give," says Mr. An Li Shin, a representative from QuickHR as well as a volunteer for HHATW.


SCC's influence in Vietnam helped connect the Volunteers to the local community and ensured that the targeted groups received one year's worth of scholarships which include food, textbooks and uniform.


In his visit to the orphanage, Li Shin noted that most orphans born with severe birth defects were abandoned because their families cannot afford the burden of a disabled child. With the help of LFF, QuickHR's donations reached the local orphanages and hospice care for infants and young children.


Campaign Ho Chi Minh City marks the Volunteers' second international charity campaign. The pilot initiative was held in Siem Reap, Cambodia in August 2017 where it received support from more than 25 donors.


Mr. Sukheer Bajaj, founder and CEO of QuickHR also said: "The children we have helped today possess infinite potential and deserve a second shot in life. The QuickHR team is thankful for this wonderful initiative to spread good and we look forward to taking part in similar initiatives."


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