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Varied employment types are challenging to manage. Let QuickHR help you achieve a streamlined, organized and thorough overall HR process management for everyone in the education workforce. Time, schedule, rates and other important details of contracted teaching professionals, substitute/temporary teachers and other teaching personnel are accurately and efficiently tracked. Furthermore, all these details are easily accessed anytime, anywhere.

QuickHR is your partner throughout the entire employment cycle. From hiring to leave management, attendance to payroll – the entire process is streamlined to eliminate counterproductive administrative tasks. This way, nothing separates you from being the best education practitioner and time with your beloved students.

Performing OR Not?

QuickHR provides you the answer IMMEDIATELY. All it takes is to log in to the system. In-depth performance reports are instantly generated to determine those who are shining the brightest and whose lights are dimmed. Through our state-of-the-art school management system, you can decide on action plans for those who are non-performing and duly reward those who are the best in what they do.

Goodbye Manual Tasks

Yes! QuickHR's sophisticated school ERP software takes away time-consuming and counterproductive manual tasks such as data entry, filling out forms and more. QuickHR automates all of these tasks so your teachers can go back doing what they do best – TEACHING.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Absenteeism is always stressful to deal with. Well, not anymore. QuickHR houses a comprehensive database of approved and qualified teachers in the roster managed through a staff scheduling software. If a teacher goes absent last minute, you can easily refer to the database for an immediate replacement/substitute.