The Retail industry constantly deals with high turnover and limited sources for qualified candidates. These concerns are compounded by the urgent need to produce more to achieve sustainable profitability. However, these factors should not slow operations down. QuickHR lets you get on with business without any hurdles. Let us take care of the entire HR process from the employee life cycle to other management issues.

Singapore's glitzy and glamorous lifestyle contribute to the industry’s fast-paced operations. All retailers aim to outdo each other by producing the trendiest of clothes or most advanced gadgetry. However, the Retail industry is also vulnerable to even the slightest market movement. To cope with the lighting-fast industry and market movement, it needs more people onboard. Unfortunately, Singapore constantly struggles in finding the right candidate, the one who possesses the right skills and attitude to survive in the cut-throat retail world.

QuickHR solves this issue through our advanced retail management software. The software ultimately automates and streamlines HR processes such as hiring and candidate selection, timesheets, payroll, grants and much more.


All details from hiring to payroll are securely stored. QuickHR’s retail ERP software is hosted on Amazon Web Services, the most secured cloud services in the world. Private and confidential information are guaranteed protected against hacking and other cybercrime-related activities.


One store to multiple store rostering – all covered in one location! QuickHR lets you enjoy flexibility by efficiently designating retail staff to different store locations. The entire process becomes efficient and cost effective.


Hiring is one of the most challenging parts of any business. Even with detailed interview questionnaires, pre-employment exams, and psychological testing, there is still no exact formula to determine “THE ONE.” As most candidates put their best foot forward to get the job offer, sometimes they fail to deliver what they promised during the interview. This then contributes to employee turnover. Vicious cycle? With QuickHR, it’s not. Our staff management software is equipped with algorithms for in-depth analysis. Through QuickHR, you are one step closer to hiring the right candidate for your business needs.