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Cloud Expo Asia Singapore 2018 showcases the latest cloud technology in a two-day event.

Cloud Expo Asia Singapore 2018 showcases

The Cloud Expo Asia Singapore 2018 unites.

All about bringing people and technology together.

Cloud Expo Asia Singapore 2018 brings in all enthusiasts eager to get their hands on the latest cloud-based technology available, creators and end-users alike. The two-day event runs from 10th and 11th October at Marina Bay Sands Singapore.

The Cloud Expo Asia brings in industry go-getters – enthusiastic and vigorous in finding and offering the right solution to optimize every portion of their day-to-day operations.

In this event, exhibitors provide up-to-date and state-of-the-art solutions to areas where it is needed the most.

Who should go?

Managers, Officers-in-charge, Staff, Developers, Decision-makers - everyone can go and take part. The Cloud Expo Asia Singapore 2018 has something for visitors (regardless of the industry) who wish to attend.

This year’s Cloud Expo Asia in Singapore promises to have more enhanced show content. The event is bringing in more than 350 leading international technology exhibitors. The Cloud Expo also invited 500 speakers with different topics sure to pique all visitors’ interests.

There’s a lot to look forward to, visitors, experts or even spectators. As long as you have penchant to constantly deliver, innovate, discover and learn - the Cloud Expo Asia Singapore 2018 is for you.

QuickHR- one of the Cloud Expo Asia Singapore 2018 exhibitors worth a visit.

Singapore’s Leading Cloud Based HR Solution

Who are we?

QuickHR is proud to be Singapore’s leading Cloud-based HR Solution. Even better, our company aims to provide our most technologically advanced solution in a user-friendly, cost efficient and lightning-speed way.

The company has become Singapore’s ally in developing specific solutions to every industry’s unique needs since 2013. Multiple Singapore’s industries, from corporates to F&B, from security to environmental, from logistics to retail, each of these sectors have benefitted from QuickHR Cloud Technology.

What we do?

In a nutshell, QuickHR streamlines and simplifies the grueling tasks of Human Resources department. It deals with the payroll, timesheet, leave management and other important reports.

All of these are created for the aim of automating HR Operations, Increase Human Asset Management and Development, Improve Competitiveness and ultimately transform HR to a profitable department.

QuickHR aims to cover broader client base. It is time that HR Department is regarded as equally profitable as the Operations and Production Department. Such daunting task is addressed by QuickHR’s pool of talented and creative technologists.

What to expect when you visit us at the Cloud Expo?

QuickHR’s talents and masters are available to showcase the company’s expertise in HR-specific Solution targets such as: Automated Employee Appraisals; Scheduling and Attendance; Performance Analytics; and other Payroll concerns. They are there to provide a comprehensive product tour for better understanding of its functions and ultimately, the benefits.

See you at the QuickHR booth!

QuickHR is looking forward to your visit. We are located at Booth N48 and will be at the Cloud Expo Asia Singapore 2018 for the entire two days.

You may visit us on 10th October from 09:15 to 17:00 and 11th October from 09:30 to 17:00.