Be ahead of everyone else by getting the right people and investing in their continuous improvement for a highly accorded workforce. QuickHR makes this happen while strengthening and boosting your manufacturing business’ cost-effectiveness and production.

The Logistics need to operate without going overboard on cost. Not only that, but it is also expected to perform more to sustain competitiveness. To add to the pressure, skilled workers come in short supply. As Singapore is big on employee development, hiring managers are expected lean towards candidates who possess both technical and non-technical skills to culturally get acclimated in the work environment. They also see such candidates as "promotable." These are just some of the issues that the industry deals with day in and out.

QuickHR helps you deal with these concerns. With years of industry experience, we are equipped with HR solutions to target every single aspect of the Logistics industry. Our comprehensive and advanced Logistics Management System makes overall operations simple, easy and profitable.

Huge Workforce, No Problem

No matter the company size, QuickHR's logistics management software lets you access important industry-specific details anytime, anywhere. As all details are stored online, there’s no need to weave through rows of filing cabinets or sift through piles of files. Business becomes less stressful that way.

Vacation, Time, Easy Time

Big companies deal with administrative tasks such as leave management. The entire process is regarded as time-consuming and simply a hassle. Forms get misplaced, leave details missed – the list goes on. Well, not anymore! Because of QuickHR's payroll software for logistics industry, leave management and other payroll concerns become simple, easy and convenient.

Employment Life Cycle Simplified

From hiring to payroll, all details are easily accessed. All information is readily available by simply logging on to the system. Detailed pay slips, timesheet details, available leave balances, grants and more are generated by just hitting the "Send" or "Submit" button.