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Essential Features

  • Personal data of employees are 100% encrypted
  • Multi-layer security ensuring all data is secured
  • Instant access to profiles of every staff in company
  • Employee’s individual account to update their status/personal details
  • Create groups and assign individuals (for projects or for incentives)
  • Create departments and assign employees to it
  • Special dashboard for directors with graphs & statistics of company
  • Basic setup of company information
  • Assign payslip templates/languages to employees
  • Set email notifications for approval/rejection of all applications
  • Create a company policy for leaves and claims
  • Employee’s individual login to view payroll history
  • Employee’s D.I.Y print/view their payslips
  • Set approval level according to company’s hierarchy structure
  • Set allowances or deductions from payroll easily
  • Approve payrolls in bulk or individually
  • Application on behalf of employees
  • Employee’s individual login for leave applications
  • View, approval or reject application in a single page control
  • Customize all your leave types including days of each leave types
  • Customize private or public holidays
  • Fast and easy creation of claims
  • One click submission, approval or rejection of applications
  • Track full history of claims of every employees in a single page
  • One click generation of CPF report including breakdowns
  • Auto-fill forms from IRAS (IR8A, IR8S, Appendix 8A)
  • Generate bank codes of every banks for GIRO submission
  • Auto-fill Key Employment Terms (KETs) for every employees
  • Create a hierarchy structure of your company, design the access level to each features
  • Infinite creation of security groups with different access levels
  • One click activate/deactivate security group(s)