Singapore prides itself for being one of the cleanest and greenest countries worldwide. Such claim to fame did not happen overnight. It took years of planning, strict implementation, continuous innovation and citizen’s discipline. It also required an army of environmentalists who constantly keep everything in check. QuickHR works with the industry for being on top of all its processes to ensure accuracy, thoroughness and effectiveness at all times.

To ensure that Singapore is on top of environmental compliance, its workforce need to devote considerable time to continuously learn and develop skills. Part of the job is to extensively travel and work long hours. NEA licensing and varying training framework specific to the environment sector must also be accomplished.

QuickHR is all about technology integration. Licensing; learning and development; scheduling, comprehensive payroll and much more are simplified and streamlined through our state-of-the-art employee management software.


QuickHR’s staff scheduling software accurately tracks the hours rendered by employees. The clock-in and clock-out system monitors employees from the start to end of their shifts. Their photos and actual locations are captured so employers are made aware of their activities.


As employees need to accomplish industry-specific learning and upskill sessions, QuickHR provides an easy platform to accommodate such need. All you need is to simply incorporate your desired training/upskill program, otherwise, our third-party integration comes to play. This is to ensure that everyone gets to undergo training without wasting time.


QuickHR’s staff scheduling software ensures that there’s no confusion in employee scheduling and deployment. Mix-up in shifts are also averted. The software promises that all shifts are covered, attendance is tracked and work is monitored to achieve utmost productive from every employee.